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I used to have a little gold pin in the form of a cross that I wore on my guitar strap. Whether I was playing in church Sunday morning or at a hall party on Saturday night I carried a li ttle symbol of my faith for all to notice or better yet…ask about. One day the cross fell off and was lost. I then went shopping for something a little more permanent but never quite found what I was looking for. Over time I played with some design ideas and passed them off to a good friend Andrea who is a real artist. The result is the two logos you see today.

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The Giggin' for God Logo
"g4G"   "Giggin for God"
g4G OR Giggin for God
This simple design catches one’s eye long enough to spark the question “What’s that?”  This skater style logo bears a small “g” for giggin and a capital “G” for God. The cross, for many answers the question.

The “giggin for God” logo is more self explanatory but for the non-musician, you have an opportunity to explain the term “giggin”.


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